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Return of Investment in Revenue Growth...

Companies trying to implement new strategies to grow revenue often struggle. Implementing new innovations, new products and/or new distributions require a lot of planning, coordination and communication. With all the time and money devoted to the changes, will the company realize a desired return on the investment?

A recent brief by Bain & Company asked the question "Are you organized to reap value from Generative AI?" The article summarized four points:

- Speed of adoption is essential to realizing value, and moving quickly depends on making the right organizational choices.

- Analysis of financial services firms shows how they are making decisions across four dimensions: program sponsorship, governance, staffing, and funding.

- The C-suite must govern early efforts because centralized governance improves coordination.

- Initiatives should also span functions across the enterprise to engage the business units and spread lessons from successful deployments.

My thanks to the authors for highlighting important items for consideration as companies wrestle with implementing AI. (The brief is available at their website under Insights menu.) The discussion around AI is very timely; however, the points made ring true in many scenarios. These points are transferable to planning for new innovations, new products and/or new distributions.

Mark Rothwell and I will make similar points during our presentation entitled "Brand, Marketing, and Sales Impact" at the upcoming LIC virtual meeting on July 25. This is the second part of a series on Strategic Planning. The series highlights the importance of execution planning, governance and coordination in achieving success.

Registration information:

To attend the whole Marketing & Distribution Virtual Meeting 1-4 pm ET on July 25:


Just the Brand Marketing webinar 2:30-4pm ET:

Hope to see you on the 25th!

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