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View of a foggy harbor

The insurance industry is facing several headwinds.  Successfully navigating through today’s challenges and still keeping an eye on the future goals is key to thriving. Heaton Consulting can design solutions and execute plans that move your organization forward.


Our approach is to customize the solution to your needs.  It starts with understanding the current situation – successes and challenges – and identifying the end goal.   You are engaged each step along the way to assure alignment, accountability and results.


Each organization is unique.  We provide techniques and concepts that are adapted pursuant to engaging and evaluating your needs, assets and goals.  



A roadmap is formed and then reviewed with the stakeholders. Alignment and expectations are created. Tasks, communication processes, and future state structures are communicated.



Routine monitoring and communications provides the accountability to lead to desired outcomes.  We will work with your team to ensure they have the resources and knowledge to execute the plan.

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